Epic trike racing blows our minds

Our history with the tricycle is somewhat spotty. The inherently unbalanced design is only associated with skinned knees and brushes with asphalt in our memories, but apparently not everyone had the same experience. A trio of daredevils have taken to slinging themselves down mountain passes on modified big-boy trikes with nothing but the soles of their shoes for deceleration. Judging by the footage after the jump, the crew can crest speeds of 55 miles per hour, blowing by traffic and generally abandoning all regard for their well-being in the process. We love it.

Now, we'd be derelict in our duties if we didn't mention that you'd have to be completely mental to try this on your own. If you do decide to take to public streets on a homemade trike, just don't tell the authorities we told you to do it. Hit the jump to see the insanity for yourself.

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