A lack of public transit means you're less likely to have a job

Does no access to public transit mean no jobs? That's the argument that Adie Tomer makes in a report compiled for the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program.

While the situation is not exactly cut-and-dry, Tomer says 42 percent of suburban residents without vehicles don't have access to mass transit and suggests that's a serious problem. How serious? Tomer claims the vehicle-less individuals have no means of transport to jobs that, in some cases, are up to 60 miles away. Tomer points out that in areas where access to mass transit is low, unemployment rates are oftentimes high

In the near term, Tomer says a lack of public transit drain low-income families of what little wealth they still have, pointing out that, "If you're going to keep afloat during the recession, you have to be able to get to work." Easier said than done, in some cases.

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