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Why Subaru went with rear-wheel drive for its BRZ coupe

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Some of the Subaru faithful are up in arms over the automaker's decision to go with a rear-wheel-drive setup for the upcoming BRZ. Why did the engineers opt to send power out back when they could have utilized the company's signature symmetrical all-wheel-drive system? You would expect the answer to lie firmly on the backs of Toyota, which is the other half of this joint venture. MotorAuthority looked into it, and according to them, that's not exactly the case.

Toyota has been adamant that a rear-wheel drive sports car was to be the ultimate product of this sports coupe joint-venture. More surprisingly, Subaru officials say they were interested in creating just such a vehicle from the very beginning. To hear them tell it, they aren't just all-wheel drive experts. Subaru produces front-wheel drive vehicles for markets outside of the States, and rear-wheel drive allows them to show off just how far Subaru engineers can push handling and traction levels regardless of which wheels drive the car.

Be it the front wheels, rear wheels or all four wheels, Subaru engineers are clearly eager to prove that they're accomplished at making grippy cars. So... do you buy the explanation, or do you think it's just spin? More importantly, do you think a RWD Subaru is a good idea? Have your say in Comments.

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