BMW announces new Power Kits for 135i and 335i

If 300 horsepower is good, 320 horsepower is better. And when that 20-horsepower boost comes at a cost of just $599, it's really a no-brainer as far as we're concerned.

BMW hopes you agree, as it's officially announced two new Power Kits for the 135i, 335i and certain X6 models that boost the power of the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six by the aforementioned twenty ponies. Just as welcome is a boost in torque from 300 to 332 pound-feet (when equipped with an automatic transmission) and 317 lb-ft (when equipped with a manual or DCT transmission).

The increase comes courtesy of what BMW is calling Version 1 Power Kit, which basically amounts to a reflash of the car's computer system, and it can be applied to any 135i or 335i and all X6 models produced before April of 2010. These power figures bring the turbocharged machines up to the specification of the 2011 335is.

A second option is the Version 2 Power Kit, which adds an auxiliary water cooler and "enhanced" radiator fan to the reflash on 1 Series and 3 Series models. The V2PK costs $1,199, a modest increase over the $599 of Version 1 considering the added hardware. Both kits also include an "exhaust burble sound during engine overrun conditions." BMW is quick to point out other modifications may be necessary and that installation isn't included in that price.

In case you're thinking this all sounds rather familiar, BMW did indeed make a similar announcement a little while back. While that press release heralded the option for new buyers of the 2011 335i, this one indicates the availability of current owners to get the upgrade retrofitted to their cars while their warranties remain intact. For all the details, hit the jump for the press release.
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The BMW Performance Power Kits Provide More Exhilarating Performance and Excitement for The Ultimate Driving Machine

New Power Kits for 135i and 335i Models

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – September 19, 2011....Now, more invigorating horsepower and torque, is available with two new power kits bring crisp stimulating performance to the Ultimate Driving Machine. BMW 135i and 335i Models can now be retrofitted at BMW centers or via the Port Installation Program to an unprecedented level of performance. These new Power Kits ensure that new car buyers and current owners are in for that extra thrill beyond the outstanding performance that can already be realized with these exciting vehicles.

Version 1 Power Kit :Performance-Optimized Engine Software. This version of the Power Kit was first introduced on the 335i BMW Performance Edition model (announced in July, 2011). Available for all Model Year 135i and 335i vehicles. Also available for X6 vehicles produced up to 04/2010.

Version 2 Power Kit: Same engine performance software as Version 1, plus an Auxiliary Water Cooler and an Enhanced Radiator Fan to reduce the higher thermal stresses on the engine during extreme driving. Available for all Model Year 135i and 335i vehicles.

To coincide with this exciting announcement of two new Power Kit versions, BMW is offering a special introductory price on all Power Kits from now until the end of 2011!

Special pricing for the Version 1 Power Kit is $599 MSRP* (including Power Kits for X6 Models).
Special pricing for the Version 2 Power Kit is $1,199 MSRP* (this price does not include the additional air ducts or other components that may be needed to install the Version 2 Power Kit).

*Not including installation. Contact your local BMW center for final pricing.

Power Kit Highlights:

Horsepower is increased to 320hp (20hp increase).

Torque is increased to 332 lb-ft (when equipped with an automatic transmission) and 317 lb-ft (when equipped with a manual or DCT transmission).

Faster acceleration:
0.2 seconds faster than the standard 335i model from 0 mph to 60 mph.
0.5 seconds faster than the standard 335i model from 50 mph to 75 mph.

"Exhaust burble" sound during engine overrun conditions (new feature).

Specially developed in-house by BMW engineers to work with 135i and 335i vehicles.
Vehicles retain the original emission certification.
Vehicles maintain the original fuel efficiency ratings.
The vehicle's original BMW Limited Warranty is not affected.

Note: Power Kits should only be installed on 135i and 335i vehicles equipped with option code S840 (increased top speed limiter – which includes an additional oil cooler).

BMW Power Kits are the only form of "tuning kits" approved and covered under BMW of North America's limited warranty. Power Kits are designed and tested by BMW engineers to provide the highest power increase without sacrificing reliability.

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