Radical SR3 SL races from track to street to show stand

Many cars have come and gone claiming to be "race cars for the road," but few actually live up to it. Not Radical, though. The British automaker does one thing and one thing only, and that's making Le Mans Prototype-style track cars that you can – technically speaking, at least – drive on the street. (That, and regularly trouncing six- and seven-figure supercars around the Nürburgring to continuously hold the vaunted lap record.)

Radical has been making these cars for years. And to be fair, the SR3 SL isn't a brand new model – it came out several months ago. So why are we reporting on it, you ask? Because this is the first time we've actually seen a Radical – any Radical – up close and personal, this being the first time the company has displayed at a major international auto show outside the UK.

So check it out in our gallery of live images from the show floor of Frankfurt, and revel in the fact that while you probably wouldn't, you could, hypothetically, actually drive one of these on the road.

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