Exec confirms Alfa Romeo American comeback delayed

Back in April, we told you about rumblings that Alfa Romeo's triumphant return to the U.S. was pushed from Fall 2012 to sometime in 2013. Back then, the issues were related to styling, but now it looks like the European debt crisis may have more to do with the delays.

Automotive News reports that Alfa Romeo CEO Harald Wester told a group of financial analysts at the Frankfurt Motor Show that Fiat was scaling back its global expansion plans, with several models coming later than expected. The new plan calls for the low volume 4C (above) to come mid-2013, followed by the redesigned MiTo later in 2013. The original plan to re-introduce the Alfa Romeo brand to the U.S. also included plans for a mid-size SUV to be built at Chrysler's Toledo plant, but that vehicle has reportedly been canceled altogether.

Fiat's announcement comes one day after CEO Sergio Marchionne cited a dire outlook of the European debt crisis as a reason for the automaker to rethink some of its product launches. This isn't good news for anyone waiting patiently for the Alfa brand to head back to the U.S., but the bigger news could be that future Chrysler product could be delayed as well. After all, Fiat plans to merge its platforms and technology with future Chrysler models, and that can't happen quickly if launches are being delayed.

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