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Porsche thief leads Aussie cops on crazy car chase

When was the last time a high profile police chase caught by television cameras ended with the driver getting away? Thankfully, we can't think of any examples, but most bad guys don't have a stolen Porsche Boxster at their disposal. A 23-year-old on Australia's Gold Coast had just such an escape vehicle, and a TV news helicopter caught all the drama from 1,500 feet above the ground.

Hit the jump to watch a humdinger of a police chase. It should come as a surprise to nobody that the alleged thief was caught by police, but only after the bright yellow Boxster's right front wheel was ripped off and fire shot out of the exhaust. Heck, even after the Boxster was rendered unusable, the young man jumped out of the Porsche, took off on foot, got chased by dogs, stole an SUV and knocked over a tree before finally getting caught. Eat your heart out, O.J.

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