Chrysler 200 Convertible gets Lancia-fied as the Flavia Cabrio

Here in the United States, we're slowly reaping the benefits of the Chrysler-Fiat partnership. The adorable little 500 is starting to find homes across the country and much of the rest of the Chrysler lineup is about to get a healthy dose of Italian injection. Too bad, then, that we aren't exactly returning the favor to our European friends. After all, this new Lancia Flavia Cabriolet is just a Chrysler 200 Convertible with a bit of Italian frosting.

Still, the 200 Convertible is improved over the "I'll take the bus, thanks" Sebring convertible it replaces, and as it is in America, we can see it being a hot commodity among rental car companies throughout Europe. The much-improved 200 sedan will not be joining its topless Flavia kin overseas.

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