Abarth brings out trio of special scorpions

The thing about scorpions is that they pack a mean wallop in a small package. And the same can be said of the auto marque that hoists the scorpion as its emblem. As promised, Abarth rolled into the Frankfurt Motor Show three cars deep. Or three new versions of their existing lineup, which is essentially centered around two cars, anyway.

Replacing the sold-out 695 Tributo Ferrari is the new 695 Competizione. Based on the 500 hatchback, it's essentially the same as the Maranello homage, only it replaces the former's striped bright paint and Prancing Horse emblems with a slick matte finish. The 500 Cabrio Italia, meanwhile, celebrates 150 years of Italian unification with a special package that encompasses Abu Dhabi blue paint (huh?), tan leather, folding roof panel and 160-horsepower turbo four. Finally, the new SuperSport is based on the Punto decked out in pale gray with matte black stripes, 18-inch alloys, 180-horsepower engine and Koni suspension.

Each one is a little bit of awesome in its own right, so check 'em out in our high-res image galleries live from the show floor. Just watch your step... lest you get stung.

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