Yo-Auto concept is bizarre, has world's funkiest doors [w/video]

Next to all the major automakers debuting vehicles at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show is a lesser-known firm from Russia that operates under the curious name of Yo-Auto (ë-Avto).

The quirky Yo-Concept, unveiled today in Frankfurt, is one of four hybrid vehicles the Russian automaker is reportedly working on. And even though the Yo-Concept is not destined for production, execs say this unique concept previews the company's stylings and that it will function as a design model for all of Yo-Auto's future vehicles.

The Yo-Concept reportedly features some sort of extended-range setup similar to the gas-electric plug-in system that powers the Chevrolet Volt. Of course, the Yo-Concept's trickest feature has to be its novel curved doors that slide up and to the rear of the vehicle. Refresh your memory on how the Yo Concept's doors work by clicking past the jump to watch a brief video, then check out live pics in our high-res gallery and drop us your (yo?) thoughts in Comments below.

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