Lexus vows bolder design, won't "always stay in the middle of mainstream"

Lexus design has never been very flashy, and many might say (including us) the automaker's entire current lineup is a bit bland-looking ( LFA supercar excepted, natch). But that visual conservatism may be about to change: Automotive News is reporting that the Japanese juggernaut plans to change that by taking more risks and striving for more character.

Toyota Design Chief Tokuo Fukuichi tells AN that the brand will build on the design language first introduced in the HS 250h and refined in the GS, but with more emphasis on the fighter jet-inspired grille. Lexus says the eye-catching grille draws from the hourglass shape of a spindle, but it's more than just an expressive face. Fukuichi adds "The spindle grille is not just a design matter; it also has to have a good functional performance in bringing in air."

In short, Lexus is looking to push itself to create more dynamic new models, even if some models don't exactly come off as focus-group friendly. We're all for a sexier Lexus with a personality implant, but a new grille won't be all that's needed. Only time will tell if Toyota's premium marque can shed its conservative tendencies and come up with something more dynamic that still sells.

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