Concept You is the new face of Volvo luxury

We've heard plenty about Volvo attempting to move up-market and now we've got another indication of what it's going to look like.

The Volvo Concept You, debuting today at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is the next iteration of the Concept Universe originally shown in Shanghai earlier this year. We don't have any powertrain or production details, but that's the point – the You is all about showing off the future of Volvo luxury and how the Swedes plan on evolving the infotainment game.

The You's controls are distilled down into a single touchscreen mounted in the center console, partnered with a heads-up display on the windshield and a customizable dash. When the driver looks – yes, looks – in the direction of the screen, a pair of infrared cameras register the eye movement and wakes the display from sleep. All the normal climate, audio and infotainment controls are accessible – including internet for the passenger side – and drivers can swipe data from the touchscreen to the heads-up display or to share with back seat passengers. If it's anything like Volvo's standard navigation and audio controls, it should be pretty slick and less distracting than other systems.

The other interior innovation comes in the form of a new audio system developed by Alpine, equipped with a "FreshAir" subwoofer that drops the weight of the speaker from around 33 pounds down to three pounds.

You can see it all in the gallery above, including the utterly ridiculous door panels the ape a tailor-made suite – complete with pen.

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