Google exec praises "magical software" working in his Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz would love for you to consider its technology akin to magical software. When Google senior vice president Vic Gundotra is the one using those words, however, they might hold a bit more weight. The executive for Skynet Google feels that way because of a close-call he had while driving his S-Class.

Traffic had stopped in front of him, but Gundotra didn't notice. His Mercedes did, however, and the electronic nannies brought the car to a complete stop without a lick of input from Vic. He was so impressed with the technology that he decided to write the automaker a letter to thank them for installing the system into its cars.

That thank you comes from a source that understands software, so Mercedes decided to reach out to Gundotra. The Google exec agreed to appear in a commercial for Benz, and he wasn't paid for his participation. Click past the jump to see the 30-second spot.

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