Brahms plug-in hybrid hearse transports greenies to the grave

Smooth, quiet and fuel-efficient, the Brahms plug-in hybrid hearse is fit for the dead.

Revealed in the UK, Brahms unique technology is flexible enough to allows almost any existing hearse to be retro-fitted with plug-in capabilities. Steve Cousins, of the British firm Brahms Electric Vehicles, says for those who want a green burial, transport in a plug-in hearse completes the package.

Brahms says its first converted hearse, a plug-in hybrid Mercedes 300 wagon, can accelerate to 35 miles per hour in electric-only mode and has a battery-only range of 50 kilometers (31 miles), so some journeys to burial sites can be completed without burning a drop of gas.

It sure seems a novelty, but Brahms says its plug-in hybrid hearses allow even the dead to "send a clear message from one generation to the next to respect the planet and to use resources wisely." At the very least, a quieter hearse is always a good thing in somber situations like a funeral.

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