What does "im CAD Hat's Passt" mean and why is it on the Porsche 918 RSR?

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On my way back from the Quail at this year's festivities in Monterey, I spied a few colleagues milling around the Porsche 918 RSR. The intrepid JF Musial – Porsche's go-to guy for video – was doing a shoot of the hybrid racer and he insisted that I crawl on all fours to see something hidden underneath the rear wing.

It was a message that read (in the most gaudy font possible), "im CAD Hat's Passt." JF wouldn't give up the translation at the time, but it obvious had something to do with CAD – Computer Aided Design.

Today, Porsche's released a brief video discussing the 918 RSR's design from concept to production with Anthony Hatter, Porsche's Design Manager for Sports Cars, and the hidden message flashed up on the screen. Here's the story.

Both models – the 918 Spyder, shown in Geneva, and the RSR – were designed in CAD. But when the time came to assemble all the various bits together, the production crew kept complaining to the design team that the pieces didn't fit. The engineer's response: im CAD Hat's Passt! Which translates to "it fits in CAD!"

It became a running joke between the two teams, so much so that they slapped on a graphic to commemorate the issues. Check out the full video after the jump.

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