More women lie on car insurance applications than men

There is a debate that's been raging for decades now, and it revolves around the extremely exciting world of car insurance. The discussion is centered on the topic of gender, and its relationship to insurance premiums. It seems that men, on average, have higher premiums compared to the ones carried by women. In an odd twist, however, a survey was recently conducted that found women are the ones fibbing a bit more often when applying for those premiums.

According to United Kingdom-based eInsurance Group, 51 percent of declined premiums were ones handed in by females. The top lies found on these premiums revolve around a lack of disclosure with regards to convictions, lying about the length of time being licensed and attempting to get a discount for no claims. Men took the lead on the first lie, but women were the "winners" on the second two counts.

It's clear that insurance companies shouldn't allow gender to play a role in initial premium pricing. We're all lying. See more in the complete press release after the break.
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Women's Car Insurance Lies Outstrip Men

BRISTOL, England, September 5, 2011/PRNewswire/ --
Women are lying more than men on to get cheaper car insurance, new research from eCar has revealed; raising the question of why young men are being charged twice as much as women for their car insurance.

eInsurance Group, which serves almost 280,000 insurance applications a month, saw 20 per cent of its insurance policies sold in May alone result in fraud investigations, with 51 per cent of declined applications coming from women and 49 per cent from men.

The top three lies included: not disclosing convictions (total 47 per cent - 64 per cent male, 36 per cent female); misleading about license length (total 32 per cent - 32 per cent male, 68 per cent female); and lying about possessing a no claims discount (total 19 per cent - 47 per cent male, 53 per cent female).

Alan Sanderson, CEO of eInsurance Group, says, "These results show that basing insurance premiums on gender alone is misguided. The insurers should do more to tackle the liars, whoever they are, and reward honest drivers."

Dishonesty from motorists has added approximately 38 per cent to annual insurance premiums in the last year across the industry. This has driven 1.3 million people off the UK's roads as a result of rising motoring costs[1].

Sanderson says, "To combat rising insurance costs, I'd advise honesty is always the best policy. The key message behind our Truth or Dare campaign, is just that, and highlights the importance of being transparent when submitting an insurance application."

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