Marchionne named Chrysler board chairman

Sergio Marchionne, the man in charge of both Fiat and Chrysler, has been named... the man in charge of both Fiat and Chrysler. Marchionne currently wears the CEO title for both automakers, and now he has officially been crowned as Chrysler's chairman. Besides a nice addition to his resumé, this move consolidates Marchionne's dual roles into an official position as the all-encompassing leader he already is.

Marchionne still has big plans for both brands, and one of his goals is to turn two into one. Fiat and Chrysler will eventually become one massive automaker, as the Italian company continues to gobble up more of an ownership stake in the American company. Right now, Fiat owns 53.5 percent of Chrysler, but that figure should rise to nearly 60 percent by the end of the year.

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