Ferrari 458 Spider goes topless in Italy

The latest exotic two-door to wear the Cavillino Rampante is the Ferrari 458 Spider, and our friends at hopped a plane to Maranello so they could see it in person. How's it look? How do you think it looks? The already gorgeous coupe has been given a styling kick that also turns the aural pleasure knob to 12 (11 is so last year).

Sure, the 458 coupe will be the choice of those seeking adventure on the track. The 458 Spider, however, will provide the perfect soundtrack to a life well lived. The affluent among us will have to live in Europe to get first crack at the car, which goes on sale there in the spring of 2012. Ferrari faithful here in the U.S. will have to wait until the end of 2012 to put a droptop 458 in their garage.

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