Fed closes investigation of Ford F-150 fuel tank straps

According to The Detroit News, The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has closed its investigation into 2.7 million Ford pickups for fuel tank straps that may have rusted and failed. Affected models included 1997-2001 F-150, 1997 to 1999 F-250 and 2002 to 2003 Lincoln Blackwood trucks.

A total of 339 complaints were received from Ford and NHTSA, of which there have been nine confirmed cases of straps so deteriorated that the fuel tank completely dislodged and fell to the ground, with many more cases involving at least one failed strap. It seems that road salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice were blamed for the corrosion.

In response, Ford issued a recall that covered 1.1 million trucks that were operated in cold-weather states. That action was good enough for government work, says NHTSA, so the case has hereby been closed.

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