How much is that road trip? Cost To Drive will let you know

We know, we know: there's an app for everything. If you want to calculate your fuel costs for an upcoming trip, then, well, there's a new app for that.
Released last week, Cost2Drive is currently available at the introductory price of $1.99. The idea here is to do some math behind the scenes and calculate your vehicle's mile per gallon rating with the current gasoline costs along the way. You could, of course, access most of the information through the Cost2Drive website, but the app allows you to store your vehicle details (up to five separate models) for easier access – and your iPhone is also a bit easier to pack. Still, we like using the website because it offers random tidbits, like "A trip from New York to Los Angeles costs $346 in a Hummer H3 and $111 in a Toyota Prius."

Jim Kovarik, the President of C2G, the company behind the website and app, told AutoblogGreen that, "[The app] also helps [drivers] save money by locating the cheapest gas at refueling points on their trip. No other mobile application provides this set of features."

We wish you could adjust the built-in mpg rating for whatever car you're using, because some people drive more efficiently than others, but we can see this being a helpful little tool now and again.

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