Automation will let you build the car of your dreams... virtually

Everyone reading this right now has, at one time or another, felt they could do a better job designing a car than the folks in charge. You would pick up a different engine, powertrain layout, body style or even come up with a better name than any executive. Well, Camshaft Software plans to let you prove it... virtually.

Camshaft Software is a company formed by Andrew Lamb and Caswal Parker, two car enthusiasts who also happen to be skilled programmers and 3D artists. They are hard at work on a new computer game called Automation, which pits you as the main person in charge of a brand new manufacturer.

Your company gets underway in post-war 1946, and your mission is to develop automobiles from the ground up. This means engine, chassis, suspension, body style and all other details that go into producing vehicle. Basically, this is your chance to build the car that you feel best suits a variety of markets, all the while dealing with changing customer demands and new technology.

The entire concept sounds incredibly engrossing, and after watching a demo video, we're sure that Automation will kill all of our productivity. Still, the game isn't here yet, and the developers need a bit of help to bring it to market. They've turned to, and their goal is to collect $100,000. As of this writing, they've managed to snag just 5 percent of their target. There is still plenty of time left to help, however, and donation amounts are available from as low as $5 and all the way up to $10,000. Click past the jump to check out the demo video, and head over to RocketHub if you feel like helping out.

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