If we're honest, our memories of the Toyota Camry Solara aren't exactly fond. And as much as we'd like to look back on Toyota's Red Hat Society coupe and convertible through a pair of rose-tinted glasses, we'll be content with our currently Solara-less lives.

But now there's a new Camry, and a whole new world of possibilities. Is it possible that the Solara name (or, at least, form) could be resurrected? Automotive manipulator Theophilus Chin now offers this idea of what a two-door 2012 Camry could look like, and while it's decidedly more aggressive than any Solara that came before it, we still can't help but receive it with a resounding "meh."

Still, Honda sells the Accord Coupe, and Nissan offers a two-door version of the Altima, so there could be room in the market for a Camry coupe yet again. Hold on to your (red) hats.

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