Jeremy Clarkson voicepack coming to TomTom navigation

Way back when, animated characters were voiced by anonymous folks with great pipes. These days, you need A-list celebs to sell pixelated fish and other playthings. The disembodied and slightly stilted voices of navigation systems appear to be going the same way, and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is the latest talent to contribute his voice to giving directions – ironic, considering he's made his disdain for GPS clear in the past.
According to the UK's Daily Mail, TomTom will unveil a device next month in which the famously ornery BBC star will advise you to execute handbrake turn – going all, well, Clarkson, when you miss your offramp. If he ever gets to be too much, apparently the unit will allow you to get directions from The Stig, which we expect will sound like not getting any voice directions at all.

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