England presents the world's most exciting traffic jam

When you put on a car show, you can expect a little bit of traffic as people rumble into the appointed lot when the gates open. When your car show is called the Wilton House Classic Rendezvous and Supercar Day, you might expect a few more folks to show up. That's just the case here, for the third annual undertaking of this high-end and ultra-exotic car show. A record number of cars and gawking eyes arrived on scene to take in gasoline-roasted air, and that caused quite a traffic backup.

Everything that is exotic was in line, and the multi-million-dollar parade was captured on film as it moseyed into the lot. Examples from the likes of Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Audi, Porsche, Ruf, Bugatti, TVR and Koenigsegg all sauntered past to claim their bit of show grass by the Wilton House. Click past the jump to watch the most exciting traffic jam you've ever seen.

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