Volvo truck takes on a Ferrari in drag race [w/video]

It seems these days everyone wants a piece of Ferrari, with countless sports car-makers gunning for Maranello's territory. But Volvo? Volvo Trucks, no less?

Believe it or not, the latest drag race competition pitted a Volvo big-rig against a Ferrari 360 Spider. Of course it wasn't just any old run-of-the-mill tractor, but the Mean Green hybrid racing truck. The beast packs a 16-liter twin-turbo engine that cranks out 1,900 horsepower and is further boosted by a 200hp electric motor.

An even match? You'll have to follow the jump to watch the photo finish for yourself, but the result was closer than you might think.

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The Swedish racing legend, Boije Ovebrink, is not afraid to challenge other powerful vehicles with his hybrid truck, 'Mean Green'. For example, at the Trucking Festival in Mantorp, Sweden on 27th August 'Mean Green' took part in an exciting race against a Ferrari sports car.

It was a fierce contest with 'Mean Green', a converted Volvo VN featuring the very latest hybrid technology from Volvo Trucks, challenging the Ferrari sports car driven by Henrik Appelholm.

The Ferrari, as you might expect, took the lead from the start, but 'Mean Green' quickly caught up and eventually won by a hair's breadth.

"It was very close and I'm happy because now I know that the Volvo hybrid is as fast as a Ferrari," says a very happy Boije Ovebrink.

Watch a film of the event on YouTube :

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