The only video you need to see from the Baltimore Grand Prix

The very first Baltimore Grand Prix wrapped up this weekend with Will Power taking the top of the podium, but some of the most intense action of the event happened before the green flag ever dropped. During practice laps Sunday morning, Tony Kanaan lost all brakes in his car on the 180 mph front straight and wound up careening into and over Helio Castroneves before turn one. While we can imagine that being airborne in a race car is a terrifying experience, being run over by one can't be a walk in the park either.

Miraculously, both drivers were unscathed in the dustup, and Kanaan went on to take third place with a backup car in the main event. While the video of the crash is nail-biting through and through, we've got to say this is the first time we've heard an IndyCar announcer compare anything on track to "The Dukes of Hazard." Click past the jump to check it out.

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