Even though Ford's light vehicle sales were up seven percent in August of this year versus last, the company is running low on a very popular product: there simply aren't enough of the 2012 Focus to go around. The company's sales analyst, George Pipas, said it's because there isn't enough inventory, with 5,500 Focuses in stock at the end of July.

It's a good problem to have if that's the real cause, but it's still a problem. Focus sales declined more than 12 percent last month, year-on-year, and it was outsold by the Cruze by more than 7,000 units. Pipas cited the process and supplier issues at the truck factory that was refitted to build the Focus, but said that inventory levels were expected to return to normal in Q4. Then we'll find out if the the summer slump after May's high of 22,303 sales is due to supply.

The Focus is doing Ford well in other ways, though, with Ford's VP of marketing, sales and service saying that the average age of Focus buyers has dropped by eight years, California customers are leading the pack and they are trading in imports to go domestic.

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