Here's how to tell how efficient your motorcycle is, all the way back to 1934 models

As oil prices rise, the cost of a gallon of gas keeps rocketing up too. As consumers look to save money on fuel, there's at least one way to ensure your mode of transportation is both frugal and a blast to drive: buy a motorcycle!

No matter what car you compare them to, motorcycles are usually some of the most efficient forms of gas-powered transport around. And, now with Total Motorcycle's comprehensive fuel economy guide, you can rest assured that you've bought one of the most fuel-efficient two-wheelers available. Version 3 of the guide includes over 5,500 motorcycles dating all the way back to 1934, so if it's a fuel-sipping two-wheeler you're after, Total Motorcycle will guide there.

How's a 1964 Yamaha YG-1T Trailmaster 80 that gets 170 miles per gallon sound? Or maybe a 87-mpg rated 2008 Honda Rebel 250 CMX250C suits your tastes. We'd suggest that before you buy your next two-wheeled ride, you check out Total Motorcycle's fuel economy guide and know before you go.

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