Fiat to build Alfa Romeo SUV alongside Jeeps in America, build small car in Italy

The Detroit News is reporting that Fiat may move its planned Jeep and Alfa Romeo SUV production from Turin to the United States. That would leave the Italian plant open and available to produce a new future city car.
According to an unnamed source close to the situation, the decision is based largely on the fact that the Euro has made substantial gains against the dollar in the past few months. A little less than a year ago, Fiat announced that it would invest $1.44 billion in the Turin facility in order to produce Jeep and Alfa Romeo SUVs beginning in late 2012, but since then, the Euro has gained nearly 9 percent against the dollar.

Needless to say, that makes the possibility of manufacturing Jeep vehicles abroad and importing them back into the U.S. considerably less profitable. Building the two vehicles here in America would keep Jeep assembly domestic and give Alfa Romeo a leg up when it comes time for that brand to re-launch in the land of the free.

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