Car armor company boss stands behind his work, lets employee shoot at him with AK-47

For all of its faults, the AK-47 remains an impressive piece of machinery. While other assault rifles have come and gone over the past 62 years, the Soviet Union's greatest contribution to modern warfare continues to liberate the oppressed and strike fear into the hearts of gun control groups everywhere. While no one knows exactly how many of the rifles have been produced, estimates put the number of genuine AK-47 models at around 75 million units with another 100 million weapons bearing a similar design.

Its ammunition, the 7.62x39 round, is plentiful, cheap and insanely powerful. You can forget all those cheesy movies where police take cover behind their cruiser's doors. We've personally seen an AK-47 blow through quarter-inch steel with full-metal jacket rounds like it was perforating a sheet of cardboard.

We're telling you all this because it's incredibly important that no one attempt a stunt similar to what's depicted in the video after the jump. In it, the CEO of the Texas Armoring Corporation (a manufacturer of bulletproof vehicles of all descriptions), sits behind the one of his company's armored windshields while one of his employees puts three rounds into the glass. How's that for a testimonial? Hit the jump to check out the insanity for yourself.

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