Faltering "Chevy Runs Deep" campaign to get retooled

General Motors is set to give its " Chevy Runs Deep" ad campaign some tweaking a little less than a year after the slogan was adopted. According to Bloomberg, GM has found that while the campaign has helped steady sales, it hasn't exactly pushed potential buyers into the driver's seat. Chevrolet adopted the slogan shortly after GM Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick joined the company last September, though the campaign's slow momentum has spurred the company to re-evaluate its creative strategy.

Bloomberg reports that GM is set to continue to air the " Chevy Runs Deep" ads that have performed the best with consumers throughout the fall. The slogan was originally intended to underscore the lengthy heritage behind the Chevrolet brand in America, but some of the spots failed to make the connection.

Cadillac is also set to receive similar advertising attention. Advertising will focus more on specific product attributes than blanket statements in the near future.

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