Still electric: Nissan Leaf sales hit 1,362, Chevy Volt at 302 in August

In the battle for plug-in vehicle sales supremacy, the electric-only Nissan Leaf has again emerged the victor for the month of August, beating the Chevrolet Volt for the fifth consecutive month ( April, May, June, July and August). Yes, this is no longer some sort of short-lived trend.

says it sold 1,362 Leafs in the U.S. in August. That's a marked improvement over the 931 Leafs sold in July, but no match for the 1,708 electric hatchbacks the Japanese automaker sold in June. Still, the Leaf outsold other Nissan offerings – the Armada, Quest, Cube and 370Z – last month. Overall, 2011 sales of the Leaf now total 6,168 units in the U.S., compared to 3,172 Chevy Volts. You read that right: Leaf sales in 2011 are nearly twice as hight as what the Volt has sold.

Digging into the the plug-in hybrid side of things, General Motors announced that U.S. sales of the Chevy Volt rang in at a mere 302 units in August. That's more than the 125 Volts The General reported selling in July, but down from the 561 plug-in hybrid sedans Chevy sold in June. GM spokesman Rob Peterson recently told AutoblogGreen that Volt production is whizzing along at "roughly 150 units per day," so we'd assume it won't be long before Volt sales creep up.

These numbers give us a change to ask you once again: Will the Leaf retain its position as the U.S.' best-selling plug-in vehicle for the month of September? Or will the Volt somehow rise up to grab the top spot? We reckon that the Leaf will continue its electrifying reign for at least another month, but what's your guess?

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