BMW to recall 120,000 diesel 1 and 5 Series over particulate filter defect

BMW has reportedly issued a worldwide recall of approximately 120,000 diesel vehicles, including oil-burning versions of its 1 and 5 Series. Here's what this recall involves: BMW says there exists a possibility that a particulate filter defect could lead to a dangerous situation because the filler could keep heating up even after the engine is turned off.

This condition, according to a report from Bloomberg, could cause smoke to spew from the filter and could even ultimately result in vehicle fire. Bloomberg says a defective electrical connection can cause the filter heater to continue to function when the vehicle is not in use.

BMW says that all owners of diesel 1 and 5 series will be immediately notified of this recall and that work to correct the issue in a timely manner is already underway. BMW says it noticed the defect while conducting tests and claims no complaints or fires have been reported.

BMW Information

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