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AdSpotting: Chevy trucks give the silent treatment

Company: General Motors

Brand: Chevrolet

Medium: TV (The Outdoor Channel)

Ad Agency: Goody Silverstein & Partners

Product: Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Tahoe

Campaign: Silverado Saturdays/The Official Truck

What We Like: GM is showing viewers how its trucks should be used with regards to recreational pursuits. Hunting and fishing are activities that suit the full-size Silverado and Tahoe, and the soft-spoken ads help create the feeling that you're there with the guys and gals who enjoy these sports. The other team member on these excursions? Your Chevy truck.

We also enjoy the fact that these ads aren't working too hard to get in your face or cram a message down your throat. Hunting and fishing are generally relaxing activities spent in quiet environments, and tone of the spots mirrors that perfectly. We can almost feel the damp morning air, and hear nature waking up around us as we prepare for the day.

What We Don't Like: Your author isn't much of a hunter, but that won't temper our opinion here. In fact, we're having trouble finding anything wrong with the spots besides the fact that the duck hunters place their decoys right next to a boat ramp.

Strategy: GM is going after a segment of the country that loves trucks and full-size SUVs. These ads air on The Outdoor Channel during a block of shows called Silverado Saturdays. Occasionally, the spots will also show up during other outdoor shows. The commercials show Chevrolet trucks being used in a manner that the viewer can relate to, and it's being done in a simple manner that manages to convey a subtly powerful message.

Grade: A

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*Update: Corrected Sundays to Saturdays.

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