R/C F16 jet with swiveling pilot's view blows our tiny little minds

Toys are infinitely cooler these days than they were when we were kids. While we had to subside on crappy Lego houses and weak Nerf guns, youngsters now get to craft accurate models of the Millennium Falcon and play with a foam arsenal that would make the CIA blush with envy.

The same goes for remote-controlled vehicles. We've already seen exactly how much fun can be had with a point-of-view camera, an RC Jeep and a little time. Now another crafty RC aficionado has applied the same camera tech to a remote-controlled F16 fighter jet.

There aren't words to describe how awesome this is.

By using a live feed from the camera, the pilot effectively gets the same view out of the cockpit that an actual pilot would enjoy. The creator even wired up an altimeter so the pilot can tell exactly how far off the ground the plane is at any given moment. Hit the jump to check it out. Bonus points for the Kenny Loggins soundtrack.

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