Land Rover DC100 gets rendered out

Yesterday, Land Rover released the first image and details (however few) of the new DC100 concept it's bringing to Frankfurt, and it carries with it the promise of the next-generation Defender – an off-roader so accomplished and so ubiquitous that calling it the Sir Edmund Hillary (or Tenzing Norgay) of automobiles wouldn't even be doing it justice.

Now, LR has dropped a second shot of the DC100, showing us the front end and what she'll look like traversing the old rocky road. But that's not all we've got to go with. Because nature abhors a vacuum, more speculative renderings were bound to pop up, and our friends over at Kilometer magazine have stepped up to fill the void.

The Defender, you see, has long come in different bodystyles, of which the three-door hardtop form taken up by the DC100 is only one. So the KM guys have stretched out the wheelbase, added a couple of doors, even chopped the roof short to leave an open short-bed. Follow the link to check it out, and scope out the second image in the gallery for more.

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