Ford SYNC modified for autobahn speeds

Ford had to implement a few tweaks to its SYNC navigation system before introducing it to Europe. Automotive News reports that the company's engineers have programmed the software to understand 10,000 commands in 19 languages, but SYNC also had to be calibrated to work at higher speeds. Developers discovered that the navigation couldn't warn drivers about which exit to take while cruising along with traffic on the autobahn. As a result, the system had to be reworked to tell pilots about their upcoming exit a little farther in advance.

Ford claims that 2 million vehicles in Europe will have SYNC on board by 2015. That seems plenty feasible given the fact that 3 million cars, trucks and SUVs have been sold with SYNC in the U.S. since 2007. Ford is set to introduce SYNC at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin later this week, and European buyers will be able to option their purchases with the system starting next year.

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