Making the best of it by jet-skiing through the streets after Irene

Hurricane Irene was an impressive storm by every measure. Despite losing some of its ferocity before making landfall, the system brought torrential rains to parts of the country that were already suffering from severely saturated soil. As a result, widespread flooding occurred up and down the east coast. One enterprising soul in Oceanside, NY decided to make the most of the situation by taking his jet ski out for a little romp down Lawson Boulevard.

Now, we should probably take a moment to point out that playing in flood water is all sorts of dangerous. Besides obvious threats like hidden currents, obstacles and fluctuations in depth, floods also pack all sorts of bacteria washed up from septic and sewer systems. Yummy.

Even so, it looks like this guy is having a blast in his own personal water world. Hit the jump to take a look at the video for yourself, and be sure to consider sending donations to the American Red Cross or relief organization of your choice.

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