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Classic Mercedes-Benz proves to be perfect west coast road-tripper

JG Francis is an man who knows a lot about the older products in the Mercedes-Benz family. He owns Los Angeles-based Mercedes Motoring, which is where Francis turns wrenches on classic tri-stars and breathes new life back into the lumbering German coupes, sedans and wagons. Sometimes Francis will travel far to bring a new project back to his California shop, and his pal Sean always seems ready to make the trek with him.

The duo's latest conquest was a 1969 1976 240 D sedan that was located all the way up in Fairbanks, Alaska. After 10 days and 4,000 miles, the men and their machine arrived back in the Golden State, and were given no issues by the classic diesel four door. Mercedes-Benz put together a short video about JG Francis and his shop, and the automaker is currently editing another about his most recent roadtrip. After the jump, we have the bio video for Francis and a teaser clip for his Alaska-to-California adventure.

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