Cadillac likely to approve flagship, more hybrid models

According to The Detroit Bureau, Cadillac is aiming to produce a new high-end flagship on the massive Omega platform. The news comes in the wake of the exuberant public reaction to the company's Ciel Concept, and General Motors says that a hard-top version of the lengthy convertible is already in the works. We may see that concept in as little as a few months. While General Motors is being fairly tight-lipped about the vehicle's actual production schedule, The Detroit Bureau reports that the new Omega may land in dealerships by 2015 at the latest.

But that's not the only news from Cadillac. The company has also made it clear that buyers can expect to be able to snap up a range of hybrid vehicles from the luxury automaker. While that includes efforts like the upcoming Volt-based ELR, the brand intends to flex its tech muscles with multiple hybrid technologies in the near future. The Detroit Bureau hypothesizes that Cadillac may dabble in incredibly efficient vehicles as well as high-performance hybrids similar to what Porsche is currently producing.

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