Infographic: A history of James Bond's famous cars

James Bond and Aston Martin go together like a tuxedo and a license to kill, but everyone's favorite international man of mystery has been behind the wheel of more than just British sports cars during his long and sordid career. The good people at CarBuzz have worked up a lengthy infographic detailing the long history of British Intelligence vehicles piloted by none other than 007. Bond has even held the keys to a Ford LTD on at least two occasions in what could only be a practical joke from Q. He's also helmed such classy rides as a Lincoln Mark VII and an Audi 200 Avant.

That was long before Pierce Brosnan sent a BMW Z8 to its grave or Daniel Craig skipped an Aston Martin DBS V12 off its roof. Of course, as the graphic points out, these are just the cars that 007 has driven over the years. The spy has also commanded a couple of tanks, at least one bus, six helicopters and 20 boats or submarines. Hit the jump to check out the full graphic for yourself.

James Bond's Cars

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