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Forza Motorsport 4 wants to include Porsche models, EA says "Nein!"

There were going to be 35 Porsches in Forza Motorsport 4, but now there will be precisely zero. Kind of. In the video game world, some developers own the rights to a brand, and Electronic Arts owns the rights to have Porsche appear in any other game. When the Stuttgart brand appears in a non-EA game, it's because the other developer paid EA a licensing fee. That's what Turn 10 did with the previous Forza games and expected to do with FM4.

EA has other ideas, informing Turn 10 that it won't allow the rival developer to license any Porsches. That takes almost three dozen Stuttgart runners out of the controllers of enthusiasts around the world when FM4 launches in October. It has been suggested that EA is building a fence around its Shift and Need for Speed franchises.

The smackdown does not apply to RUFs, however, so there will be three fettled models that originated in Stuttgart and were finished in Pfaffenhausen. The other 35 cars will be replaced by various makes and models.

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