Bentley CEO confirms some sort of plug-in hybrid, someday

Sometimes, things just don't change. For example, the CEO of Bentley, Wolfgang Durheimer, has confirmed that the company will continue to offer 12-cylinder engines; so much so that they, "become one of the cornerstones" of Bentley. This should ease fears that the upcoming turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 would make extinct Bentley's infamous W12.
But, and here's a bit of a twist, Durheimer said he realizes consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, so the automaker plans to eventually equip a vehicle with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that uses technology borrowed from Volkswagen. Details weren't released, but Durheimer hinted the plug-in hybrid will have an electric-only range of between 16 and 19 miles. Finally, Bentley is still considering diesel engines, but says it won't offer an oil-burning mill until the level of refinement reaches gasoline-fueled engines. Looks like the "Bentley going green" meme might have legs as long as the company's 12 cylinder engines.

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