General Motors scuttles overtime plans for Flint truck plant

Back in July, General Motors thought it would have enough demand for new full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks to add a Saturday overtime shift at the Flint, MI truck plant. A contingent of 700 extra workers were brought on for the extra shift, which GM predicted would last for at least five weeks when it announced the move back in July. It began on August 7th, and now it's over.

On Wednesday, August 24th, the extra shift at the truck plant was cancelled to avoid unsold trucks piling up in storage lots. A weak economic recovery and swings in fuel prices kept the damper on the anticipated sales. Businesses and truck-dependent individuals may want and need new trucks, but economic uncertainty has kept them skittish.

Even with these moves, there's more than the 60 day supply of vehicles that's recommended just hanging around. With the recent accolades earned by the new 2012 Chevrolet Silverado and 2012 GMC Sierra HD, which just started rolling out the door at Flint on Monday, August 22nd, General Motors is understandably proud of its product, and we'd bet it would be even prouder if it could connect more of these trucks with buyers.

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