Bosch ready to pump out 200,000 lithium-ion cells a year by 2015

Automotive supplier Bosch says it will build a pilot production line in Eisenach, Germany to develop and manufacture future generations of lithium-ion cells. Bosch says the line will produce samples for trial purposes in late 2012 and then expand until it can hit an annual production volume of more than 200,000 cells by 2015.

Bosch won't be alone in this adventure. On the chemicals side, Bosch has enlisted the assistance of BASF. To engineer the cutting-edge manufacturing facility, ThyssenKrupp System Engineering has been called into action.

For now, the Eisenach facility will be Bosch's test site for next-gen lithium-ion cells. Much of the initial work will focus on developing anodes, cathodes and electrolytes. Later on, the facility will transform into a factory capable of pumping out serious quantities of li-ion cells.
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Bosch to build pilot line for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries

Establishment of a European supplier network

Basic research on production engineering and materials for next generations of lithium-ion cells
Complement to activities pooled in SB LiMotive
First preparations for series production of marine applications

STUTTGART – Robert Bosch GmbH is to build a pilot production line in Eisenach in order to research into materials and production processes for future generations of lithium-ion cells. It is planned that the line will produce the first samples for trial purposes from 2012, and will then be extended until it reaches an annual production volume of more than 200,000 cells by 2015. Subsequent preparations for series production are planned for marine applications.

Bosch will be joined in this pilot project by BASF on the materials side and by ThyssenKrupp System Engineering as a specialist for process plant engineering. It is hoped this will drive forward the development of a European supplier network for materials and production machinery.

Bosch will gradually increase the size of the project team to roughly 80 associates. They will work to develop materials for anodes, cathodes, and electrolytes, and also examine their interactions. The knowledge they gain will flow directly into new manufacturing processes.

This focus on the application of the technology needed for the next cell generation to the non-automotive area is an effective complement to the activities that are pooled in Bosch's joint venture with Samsung SDI, SB LiMotive.

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