Bentley CEO confirms plug-in hybrid plans, SUV development

The crew at Motor Trend recently took the time to sit down with Wolfgang Durheimer, president and CEO of Bentley, for a chat about what we can expect to see from the ultra-luxury manufacturer in the near future. As we've heard, plans are already in the works for a Bentley SUV. Why sully the brand with a high-rider? As it turns out, carmakers need to make money, and while Bentley currently boasts two new models, the whole SUV/ crossover thing is an excuse to mint money. To combat aging, Durheimer wants to give buyers something unique to spend their cold, hard cash on. The CEO says that the SUV segment is still growing worldwide, after all.
The vehicle would likely borrow a platform from the Volkswagen stable, though odds are it wouldn't come packing the luscious W12 offered in the Audi A8L. So much for letting our imaginations run wild...

More revelatory news, however, comes in the form of word that Bentley is also apparently ready to wade into the plug-in hybrid realm to further court the American market. Durheimer said Bentley won't bother with a standard hybrid at this late date, opting instead to dive straight into the plug-in market.

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