SUV Crashes Into Kansas City Family's Attic

How did it get up there?

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A Kansas City family was shocked to find an SUV had crashed into their attic on Wednesday night, reports.

The six residents of the home said that they discovered the vehicle after they went to investigate a loud boom that was heard around 8:30 p.m.

"We were in my daughter's room watching TV when we heard the noise," Michelle Brown told

Brown said her son discovered the SUV as he was leaving to go to the store. "He said, 'Momma there's a truck in the ceiling!' And I'm like, 'A truck in the ceiling?' And we all ran out of the house."

Police arrived one the scene shortly after the discovery and found three people in the vehicle, all of whom had become stuck inside.

Officers said that they believe the vehicle had been speeding down the road and somehow drove onto the lawn. The inclined lawn acted as a ramp, launching the vehicle and its occupants into the house.

Police are still investigating whether the driver was impaired.

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