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Ron Howard's Rush gears up to relive Lauda/Hunt showdown

We know the feeling. You watch a great movie, and then you want more. That's how trilogies are born. Unfortunately, that won't be possible with Asif Kapadia's celebrated documentary Senna, but that doesn't mean we can't have some more racing flicks in the pipeline.

One of the most promising is a project undertaken by Ron Howard that will look at the legendary 1978 Formula One World Championship, in which Niki Lauda suffered a heavy, fiery crash at the Nürburgring only to come back and challenge James Hunt for the title.

Now we've received word on who will star under Howard's direction: Lauda will be played by Daniel Brühl (who you may recognize from Inglorious Basterds and The Bourne Ultimatum), while Chris Hemsworth (he of Thor fame, pictured above) will play Hunt. Romanian-German actress Alexandra Maria Lara will also star in the film that will (hopefully) make us forget all about Sly Stallone's Driven and challenge the likes of Grand Prix and Le Mans for space on the list of the best racing films of all time.

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