Infiniti to unveil Sebastian Vettel edition FX in Frankfurt?

We have no way of knowing exactly how much Infiniti has dished out on its partnership with the Red Bull Racing team and with its star driver Sebastian Vettel specifically, but you can bet it's a lot. You can also bet that the Japanese luxury marque is keen on capitalizing on its sponsorship deal beyond the logos that appear on the race cars and racing suits.

In fact, Infiniti is said to be working on two collaborative projects with the reigning world champions it sponsors; one with the team and one with the driver. Now, with the Frankfurt Motor Show approaching as fast as Vettel into a hairpin corner, the automaker has released a video that seems to suggest that it's ready to unveil the Sebastian Vettel edition.

Edition of what, we don't know just yet, but while logic might point us at first towards the G37 coupe, they've already taken that model pretty far with the Infiniti Performance Line. Instead, we have a feeling we'll be looking at a special edition of the FX crossover. We'll have to wait a little longer as the show's opening nears, but for now you're invited to view the video after the jump and arrive at your own conclusions.

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