Bentley CEO Dürheimer talks about what his brand's SUV could look like

Rumors of a Bentley SUV have been swirling for years. We reported on the possibility of a Crewe-built sport utility vehicle all the way back in 2007, and the same story seems to pop up every other year. This year, however, it seems that rumor has a little more meat backing it up.
Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer appears to be a fan of the luxury SUV. Formerly of Porsche, Dürheimer is the man responsible for bringing the Cayenne into existence, and he now plans to develop a flying B-badged lumberer for his British brand.

Dürheimer recently spoke with Car and Driver to talk about the Bentley SUV, and he described how the vehicle will look. It will of course be instantly recognizable as a Bentley from the front, and the rear will also feature the trademark style found throughout the lineup. Dürheimer states that the profile will be the most difficult part because he wants it to look sporty and dynamic to onlookers, who should still be able to tell that they're being passed by a Bentley.

Basically, it will look like a Bentley... but bigger, and with more ground clearance.

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